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  • 7 daysFree w/no Committment
  • 1KDatapoint Credits
  • UnlimitedMap Templates
  • 2KDatapoint Credits
  • UnlimitedMap Templates

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  • 20KDatapoint Credits
  • UnlimitedMap Templates
  • 40KDatapoint Credits
  • UnlimitedMap Templates

Questions & Answers

How does the 7-day trial work?
The FactLook 7-day Free Trial provides access to a fully-featured version of FactLook. The trial is an opportunity to try FactLook while also getting a sense of how many datapoint credits (more about these below) you might use building the type of visualizations you're likely to build. This can help you determine which plan is best for you.
What happens at the end of my trial?
At the end of your trial, you will be notified that your trial is about to end. You'll receive instructions on how to enroll in one of the paid monthly plans
Which monthly plan should I choose?
Short answer: Look at your spreadsheet(s) and add up the number of rows of data. The total number of rows equals the number of datapoint credits you’ll need to build your map. If you will be building only one or two maps per month with less than 2,000 rows of data, the Basic plan is your best bet.
How do I purchase additional datapoint credits
FactLook will automatically notify you if your datapoint credit balance is insufficient to create the visualization you are working on. You will then have the opportunity to enroll in a monthly plan with a higher datapoint credit allowance, or to purchase additional datapoint credits. Additional datapoint credits are sold in packages of 2,000. 1 package = 2,000 credits. Note, the datapoint overage cost is subject to change per the FactLook terms of use, which can found here: http://factlook.com/terms.html.
Do my unused datapoint credits roll over from month to month?
Yes. FactLook believes you should keep what you pay for, so your datapoint credits will rollover from month to month. At any time when you are logged into FactLook, you can view your current credit balance by clicking on the “Account” button at the top of the screen.
What if I exceed my monthly allotment of datapoint credits?
No worries. FactLook will automatically prompt you to purchase additional datapoint credits should the action you are attempting exceed your current available balance. Additional datapoint credits are sold in packages of 2,000. 1 package = 2,000 credits. And remember: unused datapoint credits never expire, they rollover from month to month. You don't lose what you don't use.
My account has expired, can I recover it?
If you do not decide to purchase the same or upgrade to a new plan, your account will expire. You can recover it by buying any of the offered plans. All data from your personal account will remain intact for 6 months. If you do not upgrade by the end of 6 months grace period, your data will be deleted.
Can I change/cancel plans anytime?
Yes, you can. Our plans are month-to-month. You are free to cancel the selected plan anytime you wish. Once you decide to cancel the current plan, we will not charge you for the next period.