Your data has a story to tell.

FactLook can help tell it.

FactLook frees data from the spreadsheet and places it in an easily comprehensible visualization.

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Power to the People

Using FactLook, everyone in your organization can create data visualizations and accelerate the sharing of critical information.

Fully Featured

FactLook has the features you want (and will really use) in a data viz app. Display data by multiple geopgraphic types, geocodes, bar charts and more. With FactLook, you can do it.

Seeing is Believing

Use FactLook to help choose your company's next location, visualize sales trends or voting patterns, even to connect with customers. Here are more ways to use FactLook.

Big App, Small Price

FactLook packages the features you need most from a data viz app at an affordable price. Easy to learn and easier to use. Take a look at FactLook's monthly pricing plans.

FactLook inspires and empowers people.